Neighbor tension turns into apartment gun fight

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OKLAHOMA COUNTY - A man took cover outside his apartment after he said his neighbor opened gunfire during an argument.

“I’m intimidated every day,” Corwyn Davenport said. “I live here in 2, and he lives in 8. So, every time I come out of my door, I’m facing him.”

A few doors separate an on-going face off.

But, the battle recently reached a boiling point when shots were fired.

“Oh yeah,” Davenport said. “I’m still scared.”

Police said the man who pulled the trigger is Ural Smith.

“He was aiming for him,” Sandra Burns said. “I could tell.”

Davenport was the alleged target. He told News 4 that he was outside on his balcony talking to his landlord when it happened.

According to court documents, “Smith got agitated because he thought they were talking to him.” That’s when police said he went inside, grabbed a handgun and fired off two rounds from just feet away.

Davenport dodged the gunfire.

One of the bullets hit the ceiling and the other just above Davenport’s door frame.

Burns was caught in the crossfire worried Smith would turn the gun on her next.

“I heard him say,” she said, “oh, I’m going to kill her. I thought... oh well he probably will because he’s a psycho.”

Court documents said Smith ran inside to stash the pistol, and then “sat down in a chair and waited for officers to arrive”.

Davenport is still shaken up and looked into legal action.

“I’m just going to wait and talk to my attorney,” he said.

Neighbors said Smith’s anger has been a problem for years.

The final straw now landed him behind bars facing a shooting with intent to kill charge.

“My door is always shut and locked,” Burns said. “You kidding me?”

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