EGGsplosion in Edmond chicken population expected after City Council meeting

EDMOND, Okla. – Edmond residents are hoping for fewer restrictions on chicken ownership after an upcoming City Council meeting.

According to the Edmond Sun, the proposed change to Edmond’s ‘chicken law’ would allow up to four hens on lots up to a quarter-acre, six on lots between a quarter acre and a half-acre, and eight hens on lots larger than a half-acre.

The proposed revisions would increase the current limitation of eight hens on lots of at least .68 acres or 30,000 square feet.

The Edmond Urban Chicken group (EUC) successfully advocated for the first ‘chicken law’ in 2017, and members of the group hope that the success of the first ordinance will help officials ease restrictions currently in place.

EUC has been responsible for several events known as “coop tours” that aim to teach resident how to best care and keep chickens.

“We have experienced no ill effects since the ordinance was adopted,” said Nicki Smith, a supervisor with Edmond Animal Services, in a letter to the City Council. “We anticipate no problems going forward in regards to chickens in the city limits of Edmond.”

The City Council is expected to make a decision regarding restrictions at its next meeting on July 22.

Needless to say, the change could be EGGcellent news for Edmond chicken lovers.

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