Medical marijuana business, law enforcement team up to show dangers of driving while impaired

MUSKOGEE, Okla. – It is no surprise that driving while impaired by medical marijuana is against the law.

Interestingly, compared to alcohol, it is much more difficult for law enforcement officers to measure how intoxicated a person is.

A Muskogee medical marijuana business is putting on an awareness event with law enforcement agencies in order to show the dangers associated with driving while impaired.

The event at Muskogee-Davis Regional Airport will allow three groups to drive while under the influence of alcohol, marijuana or while distracted by texting.

After driving the coned off course, each group will receive a roadside sobriety exam to show the effects that each substance or distraction has on their respective driving abilities.

“Now that medical marijuana is legal in Oklahoma, it’s imperative that law enforcement officers are trained to recognize the difference between an impaired driver or a driver that is texting and driving,” Muskogee Country Sheriff Rob Frazier said.

Interested in being a volunteer? Email for more information.

Volunteers for the event need only have a valid driver’s license and current auto insurance.

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