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“It completely disabled our fleet,” Non-profit organization targeted by vandals

TULSA, Okla. – A non-profit organization in Tulsa is trying to recover after it was targeted by vandals last week.

When Jon Powell arrived at Counseling and Recovery Services last week, he discovered that vandals had cut the batteries out of two vans and slashed the fuel lines in another three vehicles.

“It completely disabled our fleet last week, which interfered with our ability to do any of those things. Fortunately, we have a great crew here that banded together. We were able to provide some of the services through case managers and drivers using their private vehicles to get people in,” Powell said.

Right now, they’re only able to help about 2/3 of their usual patients.

Officials tell KJRH that they have one van that is back in order, but they are not sure when they’ll be able to fix the other vans.

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