Man claims the AC in his apartment hasn’t worked in two months

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MIDWEST CITY, Okla. - A Midwest City family says they haven't had air conditioning flowing through the vents in their apartment for two months.

Despite numerous calls, Stephen Cooper, a father of two, says his apartment complex refuses to give him a straight answer about why it hasn't been fixed.

He says because of the problem his family has had to sleep in the same room because their only relief is a small window unit, provided by the complex, in the master bedroom.

"I probably made at least 20 calls before the window unit was put in there," Cooper told News 4. "By then, I'm cussing them out like, something needs to be done."

Cooper says he put in the first work order for his busted AC unit back in May, but instead of fixing it, he says The Ridge Apartments have given him nothing but excuses. Even once telling him it's inconvenient to get someone to fix it because of the heat.

"I`ve heard that. Then they said they only had two maintenance people to work, and I`m like, this was May," Cooper said. "It was May the 20th whenever the ticket was submitted, now we`re in July."

Not only is the heat unbearable, Cooper says having to constantly run the window unit is costing him money.  He's also taken his family to a hotel on nights that are really bad.

Cooper says he's tried to be patient, but after two months he's angry and wants answers.

"Why is it taking this long? And, just tell me the truth about it," Cooper said.  "Tell me why it hasn`t been fixed."

Cooper says his lease is up in August, and right now he's considering looking for a new place to live.

News 4 did reach out to The Ridge Apartments multiple times for comment over the last few days, but we have not yet heard back.

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