6 armed strangers target Village home as man slept inside

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THE VILLAGE, Okla. - A Village man stayed on the phone with 911 as six burglars devised a plan to break into his house.

At 4 a.m., the man went from a dream to a nightmare.

“There is someone in my house,” the caller said.

“There’s someone in your house?” dispatch said.

“Yes,” the caller said.

The man whispered to the 911 operator not wanting to make a sound as he hid in his bathroom.

“Only talk to me if you feel safe to do so,” dispatch said.

“They are still inside,” the caller said.

“They are still inside? Okay,” dispatch said. “Stay with me.”

Three long minutes passed as the man feared for his life.

“What part of the house do you believe he is in?” dispatch said.

“I don’t know,” the caller said.

Officers then pulled up outside.

Court documents reveal the heist started earlier in the day.

Six burglars met up to discuss the plan to target a home near Penn and Lanesboro.

In the dark hours before sunrise, the plan was in motion.

One suspect served as a get-away driver. Three others were on the side of the house as lookouts while two more barged through the back door with guns drawn.

“Police are here,” the caller said. “Y’all better run!”

One of the suspects dropped his loaded shotgun in the backyard before trying to hop over a fence. A Village police officer caught up to him in seconds and put him in handcuffs.

Two others were found hiding nearby as police arrested the driver in the get-away car.

In addition to the shotgun, police said one man was armed with a loaded handgun.

The caller was finally able to breathe again and unsure of why his home was targeted in the first place.

Six people were arrested in all. Two have not yet been booked into the Oklahoma County Jail.

Police said they didn’t even get away with anything. The suspects ditched all of the stolen property while trying to run from officers.

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