Massive home renovations leave pool in northwest OKC neighborhood “unsecured”

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OKLAHOMA CITY - “This is a nice neighborhood. A really nice neighborhood, but this is a pain,” Mark Connel said.

Those living in Glen Briar Estates are concerned about an unsecured pool.

"I don`t like the pool being open all of the time. I`ve got four kids running around here so you know it`s very dangerous,” Resident Nikki Worcester said.

But homeowner Edward Harrill says there's a lot more than meets the eye.

"We took on a very aggressive remodel and anytime you do that, you change walls around, you move mechanicals, you get the city involved,” Harrill said.

Harrill bought the home in 2014 after it went into foreclosure.

Neighbors say they're just ready for the work to finally be finished.

“I`ve lived here for three years and it`s been like that for at least three years,” Worcester said.

“It`s going to make someone a really nice home. He`s done a lot of work. I just don`t know what he lacks to finish it,” Connel told News 4.

Harrill says he's hit some snags while remodeling the six-bedroom home.

Other issues include high worker demand and rising construction costs.

Already Harrill says he's poured $200,000 into the home's renovation so far.

“Anytime you make those modifications you've got to special order materials and then get a good contractor so that's what we're waiting on right now,” Harrill said.

But now the city of Oklahoma City is involved.

On Tuesday, they declared the pool unsecured with plans to put out a bid for contractors to fix it.

Harrill says he'll beat them to it and hopes neighbors will appreciate what he's doing with the property.

"...and hopefully our neighbors will be proud and happy that we've increased their property values."

Harrill said he hopes to have the renovation complete and home up for sale by the end of the year.

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