Surgery goes well for dog suffering with severe injuries

OKLAHOMA CITY – An animal rescue says they still have questions about a dog that showed up with severe injuries, but they say the pup is on the road to recovery.

“We see a lot of horrible things, but this is just almost unbearable,” said Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue Society president Heather Hernandez.

The dog, named Jaws, showed up at a vet’s office with a ruptured eye and is missing part of his face.

Officials say Jaws disappeared from his home weeks ago, and then showed back up with horrific injuries. Hernandez says the owner couldn’t cover the cost so they did the right thing and surrendered him to the vet.

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“We’re not 100% sure of what happened. He could’ve been hit by a car, our vet thinks there’s a possibility it was fireworks. That it was an injury from fireworks, but we really don’t know," she said.

Although Jaws has been in agonizing pain, he is still very loving.

“It’s just incredible to see how resilient he is. Once he’s finally healed and we do get him through everything, which we’re confident we’re going to, then he’ll be up for adoption and he’ll be looking for a new home,” said Hernandez.

Now, we know he is a little bit closer to recovery.

On Friday, Jaws underwent a surgery where his ruptured eye was removed and closed up the wound on his neck.

The group that rescued him says he's recovering well and despite everything is still wagging his tail.

Once he is fully healed, he will be up for adoption.

If you'd like to help Jaws, click here to donate.

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