Victim takes matters into her own hands, tracks down alleged thief

TULSA, Okla. – A burglary victim took matters into her own hands after police say her credit cards were stolen by thieves.

Authorities say it all started when the victim’s car was broken into in Tulsa and thieves made off with her credit cards.

A short time later, she started getting notifications from her credit card company about someone using her stolen credit cards. Police told FOX 23 that the victim followed the paper trail, and interviewed the clerks at stores where her card was used.

The victim was able to generate a unique description of the alleged suspect, and actually spotted the alleged thief nearby.

Investigators say she followed her into a gas station, and saw the alleged thief holding her Social Security card and other credit cards. She called police and tried to confront the suspect, but she ran out of the store.

Ultimately, officers caught up with them.

Police arrested Alissa Brunner on six counts of possession of stolen property and two counts of unauthorized use of a debit card.

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