News 4 viewer helps catch alleged thieves who attempted to steal man’s car

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Two people were arrested for allegedly attempting to steal a man's car after a KFOR viewer sent in a tip to the victim and police.

When News 4 first aired the story earlier this week, Brad Falkner told KFOR that he had left his car running outside a music shop near N.W. 36th and Grand. Surveillance cameras caught a blue Dodge Caliber pull up next to him. The man driving the Caliber went inside the store while the woman in the passenger's seat slid into Falkner's driver's seat and sped off.

However, Falkner wasn't far behind her. He ran after her and jumped into the passenger's seat, then screamed at the woman until she got out. She ran back to the Caliber and the two alleged suspects made a get-away.

"Some people are OK just watching their car being driven off and stolen, and I guess I wasn't," Falkner said.

Falkner thought that would be the end of it, but less than two days later he got a tip from someone who saw the story. They spotted the car at a motel near I-240 and MacArthur on Wednesday morning.

"I was nearly to work, turned around right away, drove down there," Falkner said. But he was beat to the punch by police. They were also tipped off that the two alleged suspects were there, and accused of another crime. The motel manager said they broke into a room and spent the night without paying.

Police identified the two as Miranda Gassett and Robert Warren.

"Took them into custody for breaking into the hotel as well as for stealing this man's car," said Megan Morgan, with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

"The person who contacted me and the police initially saw the story and that's how they knew, that's how they recognized the Dodge Caliber," Falkner said.

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