“He was going to die,” Vets warn pet owners after Oklahoma dog rescued from excessive heat

CATOOSA, Okla. – While the summer heat may be wearing you out, experts warn that you should keep a close eye on how the high temperatures are affecting your pets.

Animal control workers with the City of Catoosa rushed to Verdigris after learning that a dog might be suffering from heatstroke. Employees told FOX 23 that the dog was actually out of their jurisdiction, but they knew they had to act fast in order to save him.

When they arrived, they noticed the dog was panting heavily, was hot to the touch, had red skin, a dark tongue, was lethargic and was uncoordinated. He was rushed to the veterinarian, where it was determined his temperature was 107.7.

It took nearly 40 minutes to drop the dog’s temperature to 103 degrees.

Veterinarians say dogs need to be kept cool in excessive heat with fresh water, shade and shelter.

Fortunately for Reggie, it appears that he is doing much better.

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