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The Gromway Round: 2 OSU students, 2 continents, on 2 very small motorcycles

STILLWATER, Okla. -- They might look like your typical youth stereotype: loafing around, staring at their phones, no aim, no ambition, but you'd be flat wrong about Doug Fox and Micheal Branch.

"I'm 23 years old," states Doug. "The time is now."

They're both Mechanical Engineering graduates from OSU, and they're both in the final stages of planning for an epic journey.

"Honestly," states Branch, "It wasn't that big of a job he had to convince me."

Check the map.

They leave from Stillwater, drive their motorcycles to the famous Sturgis rally in South Dakota, continue north into Canada, through the Rockies, through Alaska until the road ends.

"The northernmost point reachable by road," says Fox pointing to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.

Then turn around, heading south along the Pacific Coast, through Baja, Mexico, through Central America, keep going, Columbia, Peru, Argentina, all the way till they run out of road their too.

"I want to meet people personally," says Doug, "And see the world for myself."

Now, look at their motorcycles.

Mike has a smallish 325cc Yamaha he outfitted with extra gear for the long trip.

Doug's bike is really more of a scooter, a 125cc Honda Grom with all kinds of welded extras added for the trip of a lifetime.

Fox continues, "I was thinking no one has ever done that before. That's pretty unique so I'd like to give it a shot."

Doug's top speed is around 50 miles per hour fully loaded with extra gas and camping gear.

That's why he made a sign to hang on his license plate that says, 'No I Can't Go Any Faster'.

Their round trip is in the neighborhood of 30,000 miles to see the Americas for themselves.

Branch argues, "It's not about just blasting down the highway and getting the mileage done. It's more about the experience for us."

Dough and Mike say they'd like to be back sometime next spring but who knows what might happen.

For now the road beckons, the days are still long and full of possibilities.

Doug and Mike plan to leave Stillwater Saturday, July 20.

If you'd like to follow their exploits find their Instagram here.

Fox also set up a web site.

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