Bryan County juvenile detention center closes amid investigation

BRYAN CO., Okla. – The Bryan County Regional Juvenile Detention Center is now closed while it is under investigation by the state.

The Office of Juvenile Affairs (OJA) told KTEN the center closed because they are actively investigating contract and licensing violations by Youth Services of Bryan County Inc.

“We have suspended the contract with the Bryan County Regional Juvenile Detention Center… and an investigation is underway by the Department of Human Services Office of Client Advocacy,” OJA said in a written statement to KTEN.

Youth Services of Bryan County Inc. operates the center and while Bryan County itself owns the property, it does not oversee operations.

OJA said the juveniles in the center were transferred to other facilities across the state after Bryan County closed its doors Monday.

“We had no idea what was going on. They mentioned violations; I have no idea what that means, really,” District 1 Commissioner Ron Boyer told KTEN. “All I know is that the county is in a growing mode at this point, and we need a detention center in the county to facilitate this growth.”

KTEN reached out to the director of Youth Services of Bryan County, but they declined to comment.

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