Disabled veteran speaks out after being attacked with pellet gun, knives and ladder

CARTWRIGHT, Okla. – A disabled veteran in southern Oklahoma is speaking out after he says he was attacked with garden shears, a pellet gun, knives and a ladder.

Tommy Smith says the incident started inside his car Sunday when 19-year-old Chaze Dugger punched him.

“I could tell he wasn’t himself because I’ve known the boy from a young age,” Smith said. “It was just a crazy situation.”

According to KXII, deputies believe Dugger was drunk and on drugs.

Smith says Dugger’s grandmother called him for help around 3 a.m. that day after Dugger started breaking objects in her house while his 3-month-old baby was inside.

Smith says he tried to calm Dugger down.

“Next thing I know, chairs are flying, ladders are flying, the shears were flying and I was just trying at that point, trying to survive,” Smith said.

Officials say Dugger shot at Smith with a pellet gun, hit him over the head with a ladder and threw knives at him.

Smith’s vehicle was damaged during the incident and says it will cost thousands in repairs.

“That’s not like Chaze. It’s really not,” Smith said.

Smith is a disabled veteran and was honorably discharged for congestive heart failure and lung disease.

During the attack, despite running low on oxygen, was able to stab Dugger with a knife.

“I mean, yes, he hurt me, and yes he attacked me and broke my truck and other things. I mean, I’ve done a lot of stupid things as a kid that I shouldn’t have done,” Smith said.

He hopes Dugger does not go to prison, and only wants him to get help.

“Don’t give up on our youth, do something for our youth,” Smith said.

Dugger is facing charges for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and two counts of malicious injury to property.

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