Scam artists using bogus caller IDs to fool Oklahomans

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Officials say scams that use bogus caller IDs continue to spike.

Oklahomans are being targeted on a daily basis, sometimes even while they sleep.

Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter recently put out a warning about spoof calls that look like they're coming from the U.S.

However, they're not. In fact, these are international calls.

Scammers bait you by letting it ring once or twice, long enough for you to get that missed call.

What you don't realize is when you call back, you're making an international call, and now you're getting slammed with high fees.

Not only that, but for every minute you stay on the line, someone is ringing you up for even more ridiculous charges.

Right now in the United States, the Federal Communications Commission says most of these "one ring" scam complaints that are coming into their agency are tied to three-digit area codes from several countries in Africa.

If you receive a call from a "222" or a "232" number, don't just ignore it, block it!

Also, keep this in mind- the Caribbean is another hotbed for these scam calls.

Savvy scammers will spoof numbers from the (809) Dominican Republic, (876) Jamaica, (284) the British Virgin Islands, and (473) Grenada, just to name a few.

The In Your Corner bottom line: Routinely read over your phone bill. Don't return a call you don't recognize. Verify an area code to see if it's international.

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