Online virtual public school provided by Putnam City Schools

OKLAHOMA CITY – An online virtual public school continues to be provided by Putnam City Schools, school officials say.

According to school officials, Putnam City Schools manages an established online virtual public school that has been operating since 2011 under public school guidelines.

“In coverage of timely issues, educating the public that there are existing virtual courses through their local public school is of paramount priority. It has been
brought to our attention that many in our community did not know Putnam City provides virtual education with certified teachers. We want to inform people that these public education options exist,” said Sheradee Hurst, Director of Communications.

Virtual education classes are free, available, and accessible to students in the school district.

The courses receive funding just as classes that meet on the school sites.

Through virtual education, qualifying students are also eligible for all Putnam City extra-curricular activities offered. Students can be involved in athletics, theatre, band, and any other activity Putnam City offers while enrolled in virtual education.

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