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OU teams up with largest airline to help students land a job

NORMAN, Okla. – A local university is teaming up with the largest airline in the world to make sure that students can land a career after graduation.

The University of Oklahoma is collaborating with PSA Airlines in its Pilot Cadet Program, which offers students the opportunity to interview for a first officer position with the regional carrier.

OU pilot students interested in the program can interview with the airline after obtaining their first flight credential, a private pilot certificate. Once accepted into the program, students can start earning tuition reimbursement after they complete their certified flight instructor certificate and 500 hours of total flight time.

“We are excited to add PSA Airlines to the list of partnerships we have in commercial aviation, giving our pilot students another pathway for accomplishing their career goals,” said OU Extended Campus School of Aviation Studies Director Ken Carson. “The University of Oklahoma is committed to helping train the best pilots, controllers and aviation management personnel for aviation industry needs, and the PSA Pilot Cadet Program agreement supports those objectives.”

Officials say the program provides a $1,000 incentive for every 100 hours achieved until the required airline transport pilot minimums are completed. Once certified flight instructors attain these minimums, they will begin first officer training with PSA Airlines. A seamless transition to American Airlines can be achieved in about six to seven years.

“PSA is excited to partner with our 21st school,” said Krystal McCoy, PSA manager of pilot recruiting. “We look to engage with the best collegiate aviation programs in the nation, and OU Aviation is certainly one of them. This partnership will provide students with the option to pursue their 121 careers at PSA Airlines. We look forward to establishing a great presence with OU.”

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