State Election Board stresses importance of address confirmation

OKLAHOMA CITY - "The address confirmation notice is just designed to make sure that you`re really still there," said Secretary of the State Election Board, Paul Ziriax.

In the spring, the State Election Board sent a notice to 181,000 Oklahomans.

"What we`ve noticed is as the deadline to respond to that approaches, we still have about 134,000 that have not been responded to," said Ziriax.

It's called an address confirmation notice.

Officials with the election board say if you don't return it by July 27th, you'll be listed as an inactive voter.

"I want to stress, an inactive voter is still a voter. You can still vote," Ziriax said.

If you don't return your form by 2022, you could be removed from the voter rolls.

"If you`re designated inactive for failing to confirm your address- if you remain inactive without voting or having any voter activity through the general 2022 election, then we`re required by law to remove you as a voter," said Ziriax.

There are multiple reasons why the election board sent this notice to a certain group of voters.

"For example if you surrendered your Oklahoma driver`s license in another state, or if you had a first-class mailing such as a voter registration card that was returned as not deliverable," he said.

Another reason could be if you haven't voted since November 1, 2016.

You can find a full list of reasons in the statute listed here.

The State Election Board says they spent around $104,000 to print and mail the forms.

So why do they do it? It's called voter list maintenance.

"Both state and federal law require what`s known as voter list maintenance, in fact, there are some state`s that have gotten in trouble for not doing any voter list maintenance where they end up with lets say they have more registered voters than they actually have people who are eligible to vote," said Ziriax.

If the notice you received has somebody else's name, do NOT return it. The notice is intended for someone who lived at your address before you.

If the person listed on the card is deceased, contact your local County Election Board office, or for more information, click here.

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