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Police: Oklahoma homeowner who shot robbery suspect in backyard arrested for shooting

TULSA, Okla. – A Tulsa homeowner who shot a suspected robber has been taken into custody.

Officials say it all started Wednesday when three suspects robbed a man who was mowing his yard. Those suspects made off with about $12.

Just 30 minutes later, they hit again.

Police say they were concerned the thieves would strike a third time and began working to track them down.

About 15 minutes after the second robbery, police spotted the alleged suspects’ car near 11th and Sheridan. The suspects led them on a chase that ended when the car crashed into a fence.

According to KJRH, the first suspect was captured while trying to hop a fence into a nearby neighborhood. The other two suspects made it into the neighborhood and continued to run.

The pair made it into a backyard, where they were confronted by a homeowner.

Police say the homeowner shot one of the suspects as the other fled the scene, but was captured a few minutes later.

“He surrendered to an officer in the street. I’m thinking that he probably heard a gunshot and decided, at that point, somebody was getting shot at,” said Cpl. JT Ward, with the Tulsa Police Department.

Officials arrested 20-year-old Andrew Peyton and a 17-year-old suspect. Police say the suspect who was shot is expected to survive, but is still recovering from his injuries.

Investigators say the homeowner, Zachariah Cook, was also arrested on a complaint of shooting with intent to kill.

According to the Tulsa World, Cook said that he heard what sounded like gunshots being fired toward officers, so he got his gun. However, officials say there have been no reports of gunshots that night besides when Cook fired his weapon.

It will be up to the Tulsa County District Attorney’s Office to determine if the shooting was justified.


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