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Medical marijuana experts moving to Oklahoma to help dispensaries

TULSA, Okla. -You’ve probably noticed medical marijuana dispensaries popping up all across the state.

Now, some are seeking help from folks who have been in the business a while. In fact, some businesses are even moving from Colorado to small towns in Oklahoma in order to make a big impact.

“I’m really here to be part of it, and to add intelligence wherever I can, and support,” said Todd Mitchem, CEO of Oklahoma Natural Grass.

Mitchem, who moved to Oklahoma from Colorado, got into the medical marijuana industry when it first began nine years ago.

He tells KJRH that he decided to move to Muskogee to help his friends run a dispensary.

“The way the industry here is, the way the people are, and the knowledge that I have, it’s like I have a time machine and I get to go back to 2010 and start over with all this knowledge,” he said.

Mitchem says he isn’t the only one, and others are making the move as well.

“It’s going to be very powerful here in the state, and I think we’re just getting warmed up,” he said.

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