Oklahoma 3-year-old recovering after being bitten by copperhead snake

MCALESTER, Okla. – An Oklahoma boy is recovering after he was bitten on the foot by a copperhead snake.

Family members say they had no idea 3-year-old Carter White was suffering from a snake bite because he didn’t tell them and didn’t complain of any pain until hours later.

“Friday morning, I took him to daycare and he said, ‘Mom, my foot hurts.’ And I was like, ‘OK, well maybe I just put your shoe on too tight.’ I loosened it, he went into class,”┬áBayle White said.

His mother told FOX 23 that she felt the area around the bite and realized it was hot to the touch, so she rushed him to the hospital.

“When they first told me snakebite, I just started bawling because I had no clue. If he would have lost his foot, I would have been devastated,” she said.

While at the hospital, Carter was given eight rounds of anti-venom treatment.

Doctors say if the family hadn’t brought him for treatment when they did, he may have ended up losing his foot.

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