Carhops compete in annual Sonic skating competition

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OKLAHOMA CITY - With incredible carhop skills, smooth-skating poise and their trays filled with Sonic's signature menu items, the nation's top five sonic skating carhops competed in a skate-off competition near the company's headquarters in Bricktown.

Thousands of carhops went to YouTube showcasing their best skating skills. On Tuesday, those talents were put to the test at the 8th annual Sonic Skate-Off competition.

“I like the adrenaline rush,” said Sonic Carhop James Moffet. “I like making customers happy, it makes me feel good and it keeps you youthful.”

Moffet has skating skills smoother than a classic Sonic shake. He's been skating passionately for four years and made it to the annual Sonic Skate-Off competition twice. And, with a national championship title on the line, you can bet he’s been practicing.

“I go to the skate park, I go street skating, I go to the roller rink, I do all that,” he said.

During the competition, each of the five finalists navigates an obstacle course lined with real-life scenarios like balancing a tray of food or cleaning up a spill all while on skates.

“Grin, and bear it. If you fall, you're going to fall, get back up and keep at it.”

It’s just one way Sonic believes they can train and motivate employees in a fun way.

“Our goal is not only to have good skaters but to have great carhops,” said Matt Schein, vice president of Operations at Sonic. “They need to showcase how they treat their customers, how they handle how to be a carhop but also show us some fun skills that they have."

The winner of Tuesday’s skate-off will be announced in September in Austin, Texas.

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