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Bethany city leaders reducing water rationing measures

BETHANY, Okla. – Residents in Bethany will now be able to water their yards after water consumption levels were reduced.

Last month, city leaders in Bethany warned residents to cut back on their water consumption.

“Even though we had a ton of rain and flooding and all that, we don’t get our water from runoff or lakes. Our wells drill down about 80-90 feet to pull that water out and we just can’t keep up with it right now in this heat in the summertime,” said Mayor KP Westmoreland.

Officials say that due to illegal dumping of chemicals, they were actually forced to shut down some water wells to prevent the chemicals from getting into residents’ homes.

“We’re not going to send contaminants to our citizens. So we started shutting down wells that tested for these contaminants,” said Westmoreland.

Now, city leaders say residents will be able to use a little bit more water than in the past month.

“Due, in part, to the water conservation efforts of our citizens, the City’s water consumption levels have been reduced. We appreciate our citizen’s willingness to cooperate with the rationing measures put in place,” a note from the city read.

Bethany is now moving to a Stage Two water rationing level, which allows for two days per week of watering.

Single-family homes:

  • Odd house numbers: Saturday & Wednesday
  • Even house numbers: Sunday & Thursday
  • All other types (commercial, government, multifamily): Tuesday & Friday.
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