OSU-OKC offering tuition waiver to high school juniors

OKLAHOMA CITY – High school juniors who are preparing to take part in concurrent enrollment can get a head start at one college.

Oklahoma State University- Oklahoma City announced that it will begin offering tuition waivers to high school juniors who are taking part in concurrent enrollment.

Officials say qualified juniors will be allowed to receive tuition waivers for up to nine credit hours taken during their junior year. The students will still be responsible for the costs of fees and books.

“We see concurrent enrollment as a terrific opportunity for high school students to jump-start their academic career,” said Brad Williams, president of Oklahoma State University-Oklahoma City (OSU-OKC). “Extending this tuition waiver to even more people only helps make a college education more accessible to more students.”

To be eligible for concurrent enrollment as a high school junior or senior, students must have either a composite ACT or Pre-ACT score of 19 or better; a composite SAT or PSAT score of 990 or better; or an unweighted high school grade-point average of 3.0 or higher.

The move will go into effect ahead of the upcoming fall semester.

OSU-OKC’s tuition waiver for concurrent classes for high school seniors remains intact. Those students are eligible to have up to 18 hours of tuition waived during their senior year, but must also pay for fees and books.

Other requirements may also apply, and interested candidates should visit OSU-OKC’s website for more details.

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