OKC Energy FC co-owner responds to questions about MAPS 4 proposal

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OKLAHOMA CITY - "It`s not that we don`t have an avid fan base out there- all the numbers prove differently, it`s just our location seems to be the problem," said Bob Funk Jr.

He says their fan base, is part of the reason they're proposing a new multi-purpose facility.

We first told you about the project Tuesday, when they made their presentation in front of Mayor Holt and Oklahoma City city council.

Some are now questioning, why it's being considered.

"Yes it's a publicly owned building, but we'll still have to pay to use it, I don't see why I have to pay to use something that my tax money is already supporting," said a citizen at Tuesday's council meeting.

In the past, the team has been funded privately, now the organization is hoping to partner with the city.

"Well this is a public venue, we see it as a public venue. When you have a team that invests it`s own resources in its own facility the public doesn`t get to use it, the public doesn`t get access to it after that," said Funk. “I don’t think it would be appropriate for us to pursue that and say no this is only for the team, you’re not a good community partner when you do that.”

We also asked him, how he thinks this stacks up to other proposals like fighting homeless or mental health problems.

"All those things are great things that I think we need to be addressing as a city, where I think we fit into that framework is the venue is kinda that capstone to all of the other initiatives and things that we’ve done in OKC,” he said. "To me, it provides hope for our children and our youth here in the city and should help mitigate these issues for generations to come."

People are still concerned about how wanted this facility actually is.

"Be careful, because I don't want there to be a golden goose that would screw up MAPS, that people don't want something and to vote everything else down," said OKC resident David Glover.

Contrary to this recent survey from SoonerPoll.com Bob Funk Jr. says people do want this project to happen.

"The loudest people tend to get the most attention, and I think when you go ask people I think they really enjoy the energy as a team they support coming to the game they support the stadium, they just might not be as vocal as some of the other groups," said Funk.

He says part of their goal was to stick to the forward-thinking theme of previous MAPS projects.

"Over the next 30 years OKC is gonna have representative populations of all four corners of the world and so I think the best way to start unifying us is through the sport of soccer," he said.

To learn more about all of the MAPS projects you can click here.

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