Wayne residents voice concern about E. coli contaminated water

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WAYNE, Okla. - Residents in Wayne found a letter on their doors this weekend with a scary message. The city is warning residents to not drink the water without boiling it first due to E. coli contamination.

One resident says water quality has always been a problem in Wayne, but this new issue is very concerning.

"I`m worried about my animals, my kids, everyone in town being sick," Jaimie McCleery told News 4.  "It`s a worry, a big one.  I mean there is E. coli poisoning in our water system."

With the Boil Order in effect, Wayne residents aren`t only jumping through hoops for clean water, they are also asking the question, how long have they been drinking water contaminated with E. coli?

"Very, very scary.  If it`s been there for a long time, obviously I know people in town are sick," McCleery said.  "We can`t shower, we can`t bathe, we have to drive out of town to my in-law`s house to take showers."

School also starts this week, so kids are getting ready to go to school without the use of running water.

City officials say they are draining the water towers and flushing the system with chlorinated water to remove contamination, but the best estimate on when residents can start using their water again is in about a week.

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