New Oklahoma liquor law ruled as unconstitutional 

OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma County district judge has ruled a new liquor law as unconstitutional.

Senate Bill 608 would have required top brands of wine and spirits to be sold at all Oklahoma alcohol wholesalers.

The ruling by Oklahoma County District Judge Thomas Prince on Monday means the state’s current law of letting manufacturers choose who can distribute their products remains.

President John Maisch of the Institute for Responsible Alcohol Policy released a statement saying:

“This is a victory for the voters of Oklahoma, who overwhelmingly approved changes to the state’s alcohol distribution laws when they said yes to State Question 792 in 2016. SB 608 ignores the will of the voters and violates the plain language of the Oklahoma Constitution.”

Many Oklahoma businesses invested in the modernized alcohol distribution system, and those companies should not be punished by once again facing radical shifts in the regulatory system which are likely to be overturned.”

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