Prosecution shows fallen deputy’s body cam footage in day two of trial for man accused of killing him

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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. - Prosecutors started day two in the trial of Nathan Leforce by playing in full Deputy David Wade's body camera video from the morning he was shot.

The first part of the video shows Deputy Wade speaking cordially with the couple who lived at the home.

He goes back to his truck to check on any warrants and as soon as he's finished he walks back toward the house.

You can hear the gunshots in the video and then Deputy Wade calls for help screaming, "I've been shot in the face!"

The woman who testified next talked about her encounter with who she identified as Nathan Leforce just minutes after his deadly encounter with Wade.

She says she was in school at the time and stopped by Smitty's gas station to get an energy drink.

When she got back in her car to leave, she says she saw Leforce walking around the corner of the gas station.

She claims she locked her doors, and then he came up and looked like he was going to ask for help.

She went on to say she rolled down her window and said Leforce pointed a gun at her through the window of her Mazda 3.

Next, she says all she could do was scream "don't shoot!" and she says, "I didn't know if that was the end for me."

She got out of the car and took off running, she says Leforce then got in her car and drove off.

The state also calling medical staff to the stand.

Paramedics, and doctors who rushed to the scene testifying that Deputy Wade was alert and at least somewhat responsive when they arrived and started to treat him.

Doctors on the stand choked up describing the moments that followed.

The first thing they all noticed was his gunshot wound to his upper-right lip.

Dr. Bill Worden testified, saying Deputy Wade was still responding in the back of the ambulance and Dr. Worden asked him "who do we need to call?"

According to the doctor, Deputy Wade responded as best he could: "call my mom."

The medical examiner testifying Deputy Wade's cause of death was multiple gunshot wounds, and his manner of death was homicide.

The defense's cross-examination of the medical examiner included questions about the angle of the gun, and where the bullets traveled.

Lastly, a captain with the Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office took the stand to talk about the moments Leforce was arrested.

He says they used powder OC in a structure, where they thought someone could be hiding.

Once the suspect came out, the captain said Leforce "followed orders to a T" in the moments leading to his arrest.

The state is seeking the death penalty in this case.

All parties involved declined to comment until the trial is complete.

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