Road rage incident in Tulsa takes violent turn with shooting

TULSA, Okla. – A man was arrested after a road rage incident took a violent turn in Tulsa.

Tulsa police say it started when a man honked at another driver who then flipped the man off.

The man who honked, William Jackman, did not like the other driver’s reaction, police say.

“That apparently made the suspect very angry,” said Jeanne Pierce with the Tulsa Police Department.

Police say Jackman followed the other man to his apartment where the man ran inside to grab a knife. When the man returned outside, he saw Jackman with a gun.

“The suspect was already there with the gun pointed at him when he exited. He basically told him that he needed to get out of his face or he was going to get killed,” Pierce told FOX 23. 

The man told police he turned to leave and that’s when Jackman fired a shot. Jackman then left the apartment.

Officials say the man got into his car and followed Jackman while calling 911, but turned around when the dispatcher told him to stop following Jackman.

Jackman was pulled over by police not long after the incident with a woman and two children in the car.

A loaded gun was found in the console as well as a shell case that matched the one found at the man’s apartment.

Police say you should keep your cool while driving.

“Nowadays, especially with some of the gun laws changing soon, you don’t know who’s armed and who’s not armed,” Pierce said. “And a simple finger to an individual could lead to something like a shooting.”

Jackman was arrested and booked into the Tulsa County Jail on several complaints, including pointing a deadly weapon with intent and threatening a violent act.

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