City workers surprised by 45-pound catfish while fixing pipe

EL RENO, Okla. – City employees working to fix a busted pipe in a creek got a surprise when a 45-pound catfish started swimming next to them.

A leak had shut off water to a nearby nursing home so the crew had to climb in the Fourmile Creek to make the repair.

“It’s the biggest catfish I’ve ever caught by hand,” said City Utility Worker, William Baeriswyl.

The flathead catfish was so big Baeriswyl and Jimbo Ramey had to pull the fish out of the creek and onto the bank together.

Baeriswyl says at first he thought it was only about 20 pounds until they got it out of the water.

“It’s an adrenaline rush getting down there and getting grabbing ahold of them it's- you know it's a lot different grabbing them by your hand than catching them with a rod and reel,” said Baeriswyl.

He says they plan to have a fish fry in the future with their big catch and as for how the fish ended up in the creek: city workers think it swam from Lake El Reno and into the creek.

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