Kingfisher school officials warning students, parents about vaping rules

KINGFISHER, Okla. – School officials in Kingfisher are warning parents and students about the consequences of vaping on school property.

Currently, there is a state-wide ban on tobacco products, which includes public and private school buildings and vehicles.

Earlier this year, Gov. Stitt signed a measure that would add vaping products to that list.

As students head back to class for the start of the school year, school officials are stressing that new rules are in place for vaping on school grounds.

Kingfisher Public Schools announced that all vaping and e-cigarette products are prohibited on school property.

“Possession of vaping products on school property carries the same penalty as using them. A violation of this regulation will result in disciplinary action for the student including, but not limited to, conference with student, parent notification, detention, ISD or suspension,” a statement read.

Authorities warn that law enforcement will write tickets, which could be up to $250 per offense.

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