Engineers to assess situation involving dam at Cushing Lake

CUSHING, Okla. – City officials in Cushing say they are continuing to monitor a situation involving the dam at Cushing Lake.

On Sunday, the city announced the lake was closed due to a breach of the concrete structure beneath the surface. The breach is allowing water to “pass unrestricted, yet controlled, meaning there has not been a complete dam failure,” according to city officials.

The area north of the dam is mostly fields and livestock, no structures, and police notified those who have property and livestock downstream of the dam.

There has been no property or structure damage, and water continues to flow into the Cimarron River.

On Monday, engineers plan to regroup at the spillway to make a situational assessment.

According to the city, the location of the breach is still not visible from the surface, even though the lake has been estimated to have dropped in capacity over eight feet. Many areas of the lake are now uncovered.

The public is asked to honor the barricades in place and continue to remain out of locked areas.

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