Off-duty detention officer under investigation for misconduct; victim says police blamed her for harassment

OKLAHOMA CITY - An off-duty Oklahoma County Detentions Officer is being investigated for misconduct after a woman claims the officer inappropriately touched her while she was at a gas station.

The victim says she had just pulled into a gas station when the officer began groping her and wouldn`t let go even when she repeatedly said no. She has filed charges and wants him off the job.

“He doesn’t take no for an answer. And when a woman says no, she means no,” said the victim.

The woman said the unbelievable happened in a gas station parking lot near Western and Sheridan.

“He tried to kiss me on the neck, he hugged me and wouldn`t let me go. He tried to kiss me on my mouth,” she told News 4.

The alleged offender: an off-duty detention officer from the Oklahoma County Jail, just three blocks away.

“He is very aggressive, he is very handsy, and he is very pushy.”

The woman called the police immediately. But when they arrived, she said they didn`t believe her.

Instead, allegedly encouraging witnesses, the gas station employees, to say she encouraged the unwanted attention.

“I didn`t ask him for a hug, a kiss, not none of that. I had to tell him I was a married woman so he would leave me alone.”

The victim is now afraid of others like her still out there.

“I wonder how many other women out there he done this to. I wonder how many inmates in that jail he done this too.”

We asked a spokesperson for the sheriff`s department about the involved officer; they only would say he is under investigation. That officer is not allowed on gas station property until further notice.

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