Oklahoma veteran gets vehicle following bus attack

OKLAHOMA CITY – A friend of an Oklahoma veteran says things are looking up for him after being attacked earlier this year.

In July, police were called to an area N.W. 10th and May Ave. after a disabled veteran was attacked and robbed while getting off an Embark bus.

“They had too many people on the bus. So they stopped at 10th and May, and I guess the fella on board the bus was pretty mad. I guess I was in his way,” Johnny Neely told News 4. 

As Neely was getting off the bus, one of the suspects allegedly yelled at him, saying, “Veterans think they’re better than everyone else.”

“He was screaming that, and then he swatted at my head,” Neely said. “When he did, I said I’ll dial 911 and, when I dialed 911 on my phone, he knocked it out of my hands, and then stomped on it and then took it with him.”

After the attack, Neely told News 4 that he was nervous about having to continue to ride the bus.

“When I have to get on Bus 38, it makes me real nervous because I don’t know if this guy will be on there. I don’t know if something will happen,” he said.

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Following the attack, Neely's friend came up with an idea.

"I said 'Do you have any money saved up for a vehicle?' Because I noticed he didn't have one anymore. He used to have a van. And, he said 'I do.' And, I said, 'Well if you'd like, I can take that money and go get you a truck.' I showed him two different trucks,” Billy Williams told News 4.

Williams ultimately contacted a seller, who agreed to sell him a truck for $300. The two met in Shawnee, but the truck was nowhere to be found.

"He said that his mother and father-in-law had the title and keys waiting for me at the house, gave me the address. I pulled up to the house. There was no truck there,” Williams said.

At that point, Neely was out the $300.

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On Wednesday, Williams contacted News 4 to say that Neely now has a vehicle to drive so he doesn't have to ride the bus.

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