Couple charged with animal cruelty after 32 dogs were discovered inside home during welfare check

PURCELL, Okla. – The McClain County District Attorney has filed charges against a Purcell couple after 32 dogs were discovered by police during a welfare check at their home.

Elizabeth and James Trammel were each charged with 3 counts of cruelty to animals Wednesday after Purcell police and animal control discovered 32 dogs living in deplorable conditions inside the home.

"There was just dog feces and urine just covering the floor. There wasn’t a place you could step without stepping in that. That’s why we were instructed to wear our hazmat suits,” said Animal Control Officer, Mitchell Taggart.

Many of the dogs were locked away in crates and rooms. Many of the dogs were just puppies between 6 months and a year old. 4 of the dogs were bitten by so many fleas they were diagnosed with anemia. Officers say they don't believe the dogs were feed on a regular basis.

“They’re starved you know they’re a lot of them are food aggressive just because they probably didn’t think they’d get a next meal,” said Taggart.

Purcell Animal Shelter posted on Facebook asking for help and the community responded.

“We’re never really prepared for a hoarding situation like this and you know we asked our community because we knew they would step up and help and they did,” he said.

For more information on how you can adopt the dogs when they're ready or make a donation, you can visit the city's website here.

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