Red panda cubs at Oklahoma City Zoo now viewable to public

OKLAHOMA CITY – A couple of the newest members of the Oklahoma City Zoo are now viewable to the public!

In June, zoo officials announced that two healthy red panda cubs were born on June 2 at the zoo’s red panda habitat.

At birth, the male weighed 119 grams and the female weighed 124 grams. By June 18, both cubs had more than doubled their birth weights.

Zoo officials said 5-year-old mom, Leela, did a great job of bonding.

After they were born, visitors were asked to help name them.

The male was named Ravi, Nepalese for Sun, and the female, Khyana, Nepalese for light.

According to zoo officials, the cubs are in good health, growing every day.

They are now viewable to the public in an indoor day room in the zoo’s Sanctuary Asia habitat.

Dad, Thomas, 6, continues to have access to the habitat’s outside area, allowing quiet time for Leela with her cubs.

Red pandas are listed as an endangered species, and only about 10,000 remain in the wild. Their habitats in remote areas of the Himalayan Mountains from Nepal to central China are being threatened by deforestation, agriculture, cattle grazing and competition for resources.

Red pandas grow to be the size of the typical house cat.

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