ONG to return $27 million to customers

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma Natural Gas customers will soon see lower bills.

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission approved a plan to return about $27 million to customers. That means that bills will drop by a total of $35 over the next 12 months.

Residential customers will soon begin to see monthly credits on their ONG bills.

ONG says the return is linked to recent federal tax reforms.

ONG tells News 4 the one-time credit (related to the federal income tax change) will come in February, a time when bills are naturally higher.

$1.47 credit x 12 =                                       $17.64

$0.31 lower service charge x 12 =             $3.72

$14.41 ONE TIME credit in Feb 2020        $14.41 

Total over 12 months                                 $35.77

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