Clean up begins in Logan County after storms, strong wind, tornado

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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. - Monday night storms ripped through Logan County.

“People have been wanting to put it off to help maybe decide if they can resurrect the building, but I think that this kind of makes the decision for them,” said Double Stop Fiddle Shop owner Byron Berline.

Storms tore down the walls of his old building, walls that were already barely standing after a fire back in February.

“I was having hopes that it might be able to be put back together, but this kind of solidifies that it won’t be the way it was,” said Berline.

When he went back Tuesday, he found even more damage he says he had those sickening feelings all over again.

“What else could happen? It’s devastating. I was wanting to have something done with it before now” he said.

The Guthrie City Council will hold a special meeting Thursday, to discuss the burned-out fiddle shop and another building damaged in last night's storm.

Berline is not the only one cleaning up after damaging winds.

Other businesses and homeowners are picking up the pieces.

Today, the National Weather Service says a tornado that whipped through Logan and Oklahoma Counties was at least an EF1.

Carol Jarrell lives in Logan County and took shelter in her garage.

When she first came out, she didn't notice anything out of the ordinary, but it got dangerous quickly.

"There was just a loud noise probably when the roof actually went off,” she said. “The lights were still on but water was just pouring in!”

She evacuated immediately, driving past trees in her neighborhood that were completely uprooted.

Those images are reminding her of what's truly important.

“Everyone is safe though, everyone is fine, it’s just a house,” she said.

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