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Oklahoma City Council approves MAPS 4 vote amid controversy

OKLAHOMA CITY - Although the Oklahoma City Council voted unanimously to approve MAPS 4, the meeting came with fireworks from some citizens.

It will be up to the citizens of Oklahoma City whether they want to approve all 16 projects as a package with a simple yes or no vote in December.

A few of the city councilmembers admitted they did not like some of the individual projects, but were happy with MAPS 4 overall.

"I'm extremely proud of this package that we've been able to cobble together," said Todd Stone, Ward 4 councilman.

Ward 5 councilman David Greenwell voted in favor of the proposal, but says he wants to see more evidence the projects can deliver what's being promised.

"If things don't change between now and December, I will withdraw my support and recommend that the voters in at least Ward 5 not approve MAPS 4," said Greenwell.

Former city councilman Dr. Ed Shadid questioned the constitutionality of the all or nothing vote.

"I will file an injunction in district court to challenge the constitutionality of this ordinance and the actions of the mayor and the council, which I think in a very sad, cynical, dishonest way are working to circumvent the single-subject rule of the Oklahoma constitution," said Shadid.

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