Whopping water bills in Edmond neighborhood leave homeowners baffled

EDMOND, Okla. - Some Edmond residents have been left in a state of shock after opening up their water bills.  The bills skyrocketing over the past month, some now 900 percent higher than normal!

"Quite a shock. My water bill alone was 543 dollars," said Larry Smith.

Smith lives in the Homestead neighborhood at Danforth and Santa Fe in Edmond. He claims his water bill says he uses 2,000 gallons a day. He's not alone.

"They chart out your usage over the year and you see this massive spike," said David Goode.

Goode also lives in Homestead. He says his consumption went from 3,000 gallons last month to 27,000 this month.

He put his big bill problem on social media.

"It just exploded a number of our neighbors started chiming in they were having the same types of incidents. Most were increasing from 800-900 percent in just that one month period," said Goode.

Goode called the city of Edmond.

"Initial response is, it could be a leak at your house. Because it's neighborhood-wide, it's unlikely that we would all be experiencing the same leak," said Goode.

"There are no leaks. That would show up very quickly or you would see the meter spinning if it were leaking," said Smith

News 4 went to the City of Edmond for answers.

"We reread over 200 meters and all of our meters and all the reads came back as accurate," said Casey Moore, Public Information Officer for the City of Edmond.

Moore says the water bills can be credited to Mother Nature.

"We`ve seen big changes in our weather patterns so all of June it was very wet and mild and water use was actually down compared to what it would be on average through June and first part of July and it spiked dramatically and it's been up and above what it usually is this time of year," said Moore.

But that does click with some.

"I have jumped from just 21,000 gallons of use last August to 61,000 gallons this August," said Smith.

News 4 went to a licensed plumber for answers.

"Edmond has always had water pressure issues," said Todd Feehan of Dad's Plumbing.

Feehan says a new water tower in the area could have increased water pressure dramatically in the neighborhood.

"If last week you had 60 pounds of pressure and this week you have 120 pounds you are actually quite possibly using twice the amount of water… you are actually going through more water," said Feehan.

The city of Edmond says if you have water issues give them a call at (405) 216-7770.

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