Date of drawing for Oklahoma City duck blinds set

A duck blind sign in a nature park.

OKLAHOMA CITY – The City of Oklahoma City says the annual drawings for duck blinds at Lake Stanley Draper and Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge will be September 14.

OKC Parks staff will conduct the drawings at 1 p.m. September 14 at the Lake Stanley Draper Marina.

All participants must have a current annual Oklahoma City hunting permit and be at least 18 years old before the drawing begins.

Annual permits are $12.50, and can be purchased from authorized vendors or on-site at Draper Marina before the drawing.

Blind site locations and hunting regulations will be posted at the drawing site. Ducks and geese must be hunted from designated blind sites. Bank hunting and hunting from watercraft are prohibited. Any watercraft used to get to and from blind locations must have a City boating permit.

City code prohibits hunting, shooting, trapping, capturing or killing permitted ducks and geese with anything but a shotgun (no larger than 10-gauge) using non-toxic shells (no larger than BB-sized shot).

For more details on waterfowl hunting regulations in Oklahoma City, call OKC Parks at (405) 297-3882, or call the marina at (405) 799-0870.

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