Oklahoma bus driver concerned for kids’ safety due to inattentive drivers

TULSA, Okla. – School is back in session for most students across the state, but an Oklahoma school bus driver says she is concerned for the safety of kids on her route.

Karen Keithline says she has seen a spike in the number of drivers not stopping for her bus.

“When they’re coming at me I can usually see when they’re going to stop or not because they have their head down looking at their phone,” said Keithline.

Keithline has been a driver for almost 20 years, but she told KJRH that the number of people ignoring the flashing red lights is some of the worst she’s seen.

Craig Heatherly, with the Tulsa Police Department, says he wrote three citations in less than an hour on Tuesday.

“Absolutely blew the stop signs from the school bus, didn’t slow down, didn’t even acknowledge the school bus was there,” said Officer Heatherly.

Gov. Stitt signed a bill into law that would allow cameras on the arms of school bus stop signs. However, that law won’t take effect until Nov. 1.

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