Organization caring for wild animals after severe storms

NOBLE, Okla. – As severe storms left many Oklahomans with damage and no electricity, officials say Mother Nature also caused problems for wildlife.

WildCare Foundation in Noble says it has seen a large jump in the number of wild animals needing help after Monday night’s storms.

On Tuesday, organizers say that WildCare admitted 69 animals, including 42 baby squirrels who fell from their nests.

“Squirrels are having their second litter of babies right now and many of those little ones have been found on the ground when they were blown out of nests or trees were blown down,” said Kristy Wicker, community liaison for WildCare.

WildCare officials say they are also seeing an increase in Mississippi Kites and other birds that were injured by the high winds.

On Thursday morning, the organization admitted a group of young woodpeckers that were still in their cavity nest inside a damaged tree.

“We work hard to try to give the animal’s parents a chance to come back and care for the babies, but when that’s not possible, we’re here to help,” Wicker said.


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