Norman father says 7-year-old son was kicked off baseball team after being racially bullied

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NORMAN, Okla. - A Norman father says his 7-year-old son was kicked off his youth baseball team for being bi-racial.

Nick Simon says his son has always been taught to be respectful, but after weeks of harassment, the 7-year-old decided to defend himself and shoved the kids bullying him.

The game Nick Simon’s son loves now causing heartache.

“My son broke down and began crying at seven years old when he found out he got kicked off the team,” Simon told News 4.

Kicked off because, according to Simon, coaches said he made the team look bad.

“He was insulted and pushed. Basically, discriminated against. What would be considered a hate crime between adults happened to him.”

For weeks his son was shoved around, jumped by a pair of teammates, even called racial slurs, according to Simon.

“Burnt chicken nugget. Burnt chicken nugget directly.”

Simon says the coaches knew about the harassment but turned away when the boy reported it.

Simon claims after being shoved one too many times, the 7-year-old pushed back. His son, along with two other boys involved in the fight, all kicked off the team. Something Simon can't fully comprehend.

“What has he done? We don`t get it.”

News 4 contacted the head baseball coach to find out why, but the coach responded with 'no comment' before hanging up.

Simon now vowing he wants something to change.

“It is so easy for people who don`t have to raise a black child or don`t have black or brown skin to just walk away from this like it is not a problem. It is not okay.”

Simon’s son will continue playing baseball with a different organization.

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