Man builds mini Owen Field in his backyard

BLANCHARD, Okla. - One man's passion for OU football has pushed him to make his own Owen Field in his backyard.

"If you build it, they will come," said Owen Pickard.

That's from a different state and sport, but this is the story of the Oklahoma version. A former pasture in Blanchard is now a 1/10th scale copy of the most famous football field in the state.

"We have dubbed this 'Giddy' and we are painting it as a football field to look as though it`s a miniature version of the University of Oklahoma`s football field,"  Pickard said.

He told News 4 he thought about naming it Owen Field but that would have been a little self-absorbed and he didn't want to mess with copyright laws. So, his son, Gideon, with the matching jersey, got the honors.

The field meant hours of earthmoving and mowing for Pickard. The field is all about family for Owen.

"The numbers were hand-drawn on a stencil by my grandfather, 81-year-old Bob Pickard," said Pickard.

Numerous nieces and nephews already use the field for fun, but he has a dream for the field's namesake to christen the turf.

"It's a dream, it would be a great hope that he would take his first steps on Giddy field," said Pickard.

Speaking of the turf, the hybrid on the Sooner-inspired field actually comes from Stillwater.

"The funny thing is that this grass is actually brand new from OSU," said Pickard.

Even though it's taken months to get the field ready for opening night, it took just as long to get clearance to build.

"It took me a little bit to say, OK, yes, you can build a football field," said Kelcie Pickard, Owen's wife.

"I had to beg. I had to really beg to be able to do something ridiculous like this," he said.

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