Family calling off search for missing son after body found

OKLAHOMA CITY – The search for a missing Oklahoma City man has come to a tragic end.

Lisa Coker told News 4 that her son, 21-year-old Bevin Coker, was at a friend’s house when he disappeared, leaving behind his cell phone and wallet. She said she last spoke with him on Aug. 26.

“I had a text conversation with my son because he had a doctor`s appointment the next day, and I wanted him to remember he had the doctor’s appointment,” Lisa told News 4.  “He said yes, he was going to be there.”

The last text Bevin sent his mom said, “love you too.”

She says Tuesday morning she texted him back to say she would pick him up for the doctor’s appointment, but he didn’t have his phone with him.  She says Bevin left it at his friend’s house the night he disappeared.

“It has been very tough not knowing because my son is not like this,” Lisa said. “Sometimes we might not exactly know where he is, but he’s always had his phone with him, and he’s always gotten back to me.”

Officials say they were also searching for Bevin's friend, 21-year-old Andrew Loyd.

Now, Coker says that the search for Bevin has come to an end.

She posted on Facebook that although the medical examiner has not officially identified him, a body matching his description was found on Monday.

At this point, she says they still do not know where Andrew may be.

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