Same story, different home: Metro man allegedly rents out home he didn’t own

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OKLAHOMA CITY - A metro man says he was forced to move out of a house he was renting after the landlord (whom News 4 has met before) was renting out a property he no longer owned.

David Digiantomasso and his family thought they were moving into their dream house.

"It was all a scam," Digiantomasso said.

David rented a Bethany home, paying hundreds of bucks each month to Chris Mitchell.

"He came off as a really nice professional guy," Digiantomasso said.

News 4 spoke to Mitchell, who works with LRG Properties, a few months ago after a different man said Mitchell rented him a home without mentioning it was in foreclosure.

The same month our story aired, David moved in under a two-year lease. Weeks later he said he was blindsided.

"A guy came to the door and asked what we were doing there because he owned the house," Digiantomasso said.

Turns out that house was also in foreclosure. It went up for auction and was sold, all without David ever knowing.

He was then slapped with a court order for trespassing, forcing him to move out.

During all of it, David said Mitchell was MIA.

"That's just what he does," Digiantomasso said. "He doesn't respond."

News 4 decided to track him down.

And to our surprise, Mitchell ended up giving us a phone call while we were with David claiming it was all a lie.

"Nobody made you move," Chris Mitchell said. "Nobody made you move."

"How do you keep saying nobody made me move?" Diagiantomasso said. "This man came to the house and said I had to get out with a court order."

"Dave you voluntarily moved and you never spoke to me," Mitchell said. "You know where my office is."

David now left frustrated under a new rook still sorting everything out.

"He took me for a fool," Diagiantomasso said. "He will get his in the end."

David tells News 4 he has hired a lawyer.

According to court documents, Mitchell was charged with a felony forgery of a home deed.

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