Affidavit details abuse allegations against Oklahoma City police officer

OKLAHOMA CITY - We're learning more information about an Oklahoma City officer who is accused of abusing a woman.

On Thursday, authorities arrested Luis Maldonado on multiple complaints of threatening an act of violence, domestic assault, kidnapping and forcible sodomy.

"Just because a police officer was involved doesn't mean we aren't going to handle it a different way,” Oklahoma City Police Chief Wade Gourley said on Thursday.

On Friday, News 4 obtained the probable cause affidavit, which detailed the accusations against Maldonado.

According to the affidavit, the victim said the incident began on Aug. 31 as she and Maldonado were leaving a club. She told investigators that she said something to Maldonado and "he hit her in the face with his right fist."

She says that her nose began to bleed and Maldonado started pushing on her head while she was driving. She says she exited the highway and pulled into a gas station parking lot, where she says Maldonado made her get in the passenger seat.

At that point, she says he drove the car behind a building and parked.

"Luis began to hit [the victim] in the head with an open hand and began to shove her into the fences on the south side of the alley. While Luis was assaulting [the victim], he was yelling at her and telling her things like 'I'm gonna kill you, you're dead. I's gonna kill you tonight, your white privilege is over,'" the affidavit claims.

After picking up his child, the victim says that Maldonado drove them to a church near her house.

"Luis gave [the victim] a shirt and told her she was going to put it in her mouth and bite on it because he didn't want anyone to hear her screaming because this isn't over," the affidavit claims.

The victim says when they got to her house, he immediately hit her in the head while she was holding the baby.

After putting the baby to bed, the victim said that Maldonado hit her with a cupped hand on part of her ear.

She told investigators she didn't feel like she could escape due to the ongoing abuse and threats.

"Luis has told [the victim] on many accounts he would kill her if she told anyone what happens and if he lost everything, she would not want to be on the bad side of the guy who loses everything," the affidavit states.

Gourley told News 4 Maldonado is currently on paid administrative leave. His bond has not been set at this time.

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