Real or fake? How to make sure an ONG contractor is legitimate

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Residents saw two men on their Ring camera that looked like legitimate employees, but were they?

That's the question the renters of a metro home wondered when their Ring doorbell captured two men in uniform but acting strangely.

In the video, you can hear one of the men telling the other what to say.

"We're with Oklahoma Natural Gas. We're here to do a routine survey of your gas line,” an employee tells another man.

It happened Thursday at around 9:30 a.m. near Kelley and West Edmond Road.

The woman who lives at the home didn't want to go on camera but told News 4 she was in the shower at the time.

When nobody came to the front door, the men went into the backyard, prompting concern from the woman and police.

"It did look suspicious. Somebody entered in the backyard and it's like the person saw the camera, and you can tell they kind of became suspicious,” Sgt. James Hamm, Edmond Police Dept. said.

The renters at this home say called Oklahoma Natural Gas were told there was no work order for their home.

We also spoke off-camera to a next-door neighbor who says she let the men into her home to get into the backyard.

ONG confirms the men are contractors with the company and were there for a routine leak inspection that's required by regulators.

It never hurts to be alert and to ask questions.

Oklahoma Natural Gas says customers should always ask for proper ID. Contractors will be wearing an ID badge.

But they say there's no reason a leak survey contractor should ask to go inside a customer's home unless the meter is in the basement or they can't get to the meter in the backyard without going through the house.

"It's not that they're trying to do anything illegal. They're just back here trying to do their jobs,” Neighbor John Holmes said.

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