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Teen wanting to find a permanent home: “I have not been able to do that my whole life”

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Jada is a happy, easy-going girl who is very active.

"I like to be active. I like to clean and I like to listen to music,”  she said.

Jada just turned 17 years old and enjoys all kinds of activities.

"I like to be very active in the summertime. Swimming, going to the park, hiking. I like to be very active,” Jada said.

While summer may be her favorite time of year, she doesn't mind the school year either.

"My favorite subject is math, but I also like my choir class," she told News 4.

She plans to continue choir class while in high school, but fully intends to get to college.

"OSU because I want to be an animal biologist," she said.

Eventually, Jada would like to be a service dog trainer because she loves animals.

She hopes to have one in an adoptive home, but most importantly - a parent or parents.

"I want mom and a dad, or just a mom, and I don't mind if there are siblings," she said.

Jada hasn't had a family in a very long time. She's been in and out of DHS custody her entire life.

She's hoping her future path will help her leave behind a painful past.

"There being no abuse and being able to trust,” Jada said.

Most of all - she just wants a place to call home.

"I want to be able to call my own place my own place for a while because I have not been able to do that my whole life," she said.

Your best shot at adopting a child is to go ahead and get the process started. It can take a few months to get approved.

For all of the details contact the DHS hotline at 1-800-376-9729 or click here.

“A Place To Call Home” is sponsored by Great Plains Bank.

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